I’m the Bridge-Jumping Friend your Mother Warned you About. I Piss Excellence! Oops, I just awesomed ALL over the place! The Dude Abides.


8 comments on “About

  1. This is fucking brilliant. I havent laughed, aww’d and generally been captivated by a single page of images and videos in a long time. I am TOTALLY following this blog/tumblr/epicness, count on that!! 😀

  2. I heard something about you starting TERA Radio, and I think that’s an awesome use of your creative talents. Although I know things haven’t been exactly perfect between us lately (I’m actually not entirely sure where the break occurred), but I honestly think you’re going in a good direction. I miss hearing your boundless enthusiasm and candid humor, and will probably listen in on TERA Radio to see how it goes when. Your old HWTV shows are still on my channel, by the way. 🙂

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