To “Jim” and his desperate Forum

To those that know me from a forum I use to belong to, know that I have been banned without a single warning. Despite my numerous messages to ‘Mississippi Jim’ regarding why a certain member is able to harass and provoke me in the forums simply because of my sexual orientation without any warnings, I never received a single explanation nor even any response or reply at all. My numerous messages were simply ignored. Despite my civility in politely requesting how he was dealing with the matter behind the scenes, as he clearly wasn’t ‘calling-him-out’ about the harassment in public, he never had the decency to respond with even a single word. Another moderator simply responded that policy prevents him from discussing sanctions and how they were dealing with incivility from this member in the forum. This is simply a case of “open government behind closed doors” in which they simply say “trust me” while no punishments are taken and the result is to only embolden the provoker to bait, flame, and simply harass all the more like the bully he is.

When I simply had enough of this and brought the matter up publicly in the forums, it seems it was at this time they became upset for airing their dirty laundry and publicly demonstrating their hypocrisy and gross favoritism and bias. Despite previously saying they do not discuss punishments with other members of the community publicly, and without a single warning, Jim’s sole response to me was to post a public message in the forums that I had been banned.

Know that I have spoken to quite a few members of the community, both registered members in the forum, those that only marginally visited the forums and left because of their distaste of certain members, as well as those that stayed away entirely because of their distrust of Jim and his ‘inner-circle’.

Sadly, it seems they have a history of repelling creative, talented members of the community away, such as my friend and radio-personality “Kitty Rock”. I don’t wish to say too much as to give them helpful, pragmatic advice but suffice to say that their negative, hostile, confrontational culture is not conducive to creating an open culture supporting and encouraging free expression of ideas and suggestions. Jim runs the site as the “Empire”, in his own words, and with a fascist grip. An intolerant community towards difference and diversity stiffens growth and a vibrant, creative commons of collaboration. Fear and intimidation, yelling “exterminate!”, will never inspire others and give them hope in a vision and direction. Getting high off your presumed power blinds you to the fact that true power is not ruling others from the ‘top-down’ but an endless power to create from the bottom-up. You’re simply exploiting certain fandoms and it is truly revolting. The forum is down to only a handful of his close friends and banning me only tightens the noose around their neck all the tighter.

Banning me demonstrated with crystal clear transparency the gross favoritism and bias in the forum. In the meantime, I’ve directed my creative, artistic and intellectual talents in a myriad of other projects which are more rewarding and satisfying. There’s no doubt that forum needed me far more than I it. My ban will be an eternal stain that will haunt the forum and serve as a reminder to all that you’re a douchebag that rules through threats, intimidation and censorship.

Dear Mississippi Jim, you’re a talentless hack with no vision who surrounds himself with Rasputins saying how great you are and how the masses truly adore and admire you. The barbarians aren’t simply storming the gate; they’ve already kicked it in bruh. Go fuck yourself.

Have to run! Have a radio show to do. Laterz!


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